Oil and Gas Consulting: Safety, Efficiency and Conservation

All too often in the news there are stories of preventable natural gas explosions and carbon monoxide poisonings. Our goal is to prevent you, your family or your company from being in the news with such a tragic story. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends having all of your gas appliances inspected and serviced annually.  Are you having all of your gas appliances inspected and serviced annually?  If you are not, then you are gambling with your life and the lives of others. Southern California Gas Company provides this annual safety inspection and service FREE to all of its customers. Check with your local gas provider in your area to see what services they offer.
Examples of gas appliances that need annual servicing:
• Pool Heater
• Spa Heater
• Gas Light
• Patio Heater
• Fire Ring
• Gas Logs
• Range- top burners and oven, including built in models
• Water Heater- all types, including storage and instantaneous models
• Heating System- all types, including forced air, wall and floor heaters
• Gas Air Conditioning
• Hydronic Heating Boiler
• Central Hot Water Boiler
• Dryer

All gas appliances with electric ignition are also recommended to be serviced and inspected every year.  Just because the appliance is working does not mean it is operating safely and efficiently.

Who is waiting for landlords and property owners to make a mistake?

The Brain Injury Law Group is involved with trial lawyers across the United States. They are united by a common interest in serving the rights of persons with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and have a common commitment to fully understanding the anatomic, medical and psychological aspects of TBI.  They have a toll free phone number and staff willing to discuss the plaintiff’s case and give legal information where appropriate. This network of lawyers is not part of a national law firm.  It is made up of separate law practices that are licensed only to practice in their home state. These lawyers only represent clients on a contingent fee basis which means they charge a fee only when they recover damages for their client.Be assured that they are waiting for someone to make a mistake such as not regularly servicing their appliances, so they can come in and attempt to take away everything from an unsuspecting landlord or property owner.  Do not let carbon monoxide (CO) affect you, your family, your co-workers or your tenants. Protect yourself by getting annual appliance inspections of all gas equipment.  Check with your local gas company to see if they offer this service. Be sure to inquire as to if there will be a service call fee.  If you opt not to go with you local gas provider, call a licensed gas technician to have all of your appliances inspected and serviced.