Design Your Own Kitchen and Bathroom

So you’ve been thinking about giving your kitchen and bath a new face lift, and you’re finally getting serious about it. It can be a daunting undertaking if not well planned and thought out, but if you take it just one step at a time it can be fun! Your kitchen and bathrooms are the most important and most used rooms in the home so it is essential that they are both welcoming and comfortable. They must be functional, yet still reflect your family’s unique personality.

Let’s start with the heart of your home, the kitchen. These days it’s becoming very hard to get the whole family together at the same time for a meal so if you rarely use the kitchen table, swap it out for an island. It can serve as a place to sit for a quick meal, useful for preparing meals, or to place appliances, and will give your kitchen that trendy modern look.

Pour over magazines and remodeling sites from the internet. Make note of styles and themes that appeal to you, as well as your budget. If you cook a great deal this is the perfect time to get a larger refrigerator. Stainless steel goes very well with dramatic lighting and wood cabinets. Brighten and open it up with light yellows and reds. Coordinate your cabinets and backsplash with your flooring, as well as the countertops.

The lighting is an essential part of kitchen design, so if your kitchen is very large, some people are actually showing off a small chandelier.
On to the bathroom, your personal room. This is the room where you will rest, relax, and reflect after a long day, so the design must be given a great deal of thought. Comfort and warmth is the main theme needed in here, but the possibilities are endless. Your bathtub is where you let the stresses of the day drift away, so this would be a great time to invest in a spa system.see the site today!

Kitchen And Children Bathroom

This is your own little hideaway so put in subtle wall paper, soft blues or green paint. To sooth and relax hang interesting, quirky artwork and shelves to display your pictures. Get rugs and matching towels that mesh well with that shower curtain you’ve been secretly coveting. Why not go all out and treat yourself with a sound system. While you’re on a roll, you might as well get mirrors that are fog free, but don’t forget the flowers and candles!continue reading here!

Bathroom Light Fixtures

Bathroom light fixtures are what takes a bathroom from a boring toilet room to a place that feels like it’s a part of your home. With careful planning and preparation, you can have a bathroom that looks like the ones you see in home and garden magazines.

Bathrooms are the most commonly looked over area in the home by my clients. Most people just don’t think to invest in bathroom light fixtures, and this leaves that area of the house feeling forgotten and unattended. Bathrooms are beginning to play a more important role in the home, as multi-head showers and saunas are being installed, but many people are forgetting the importance of lighting and its effect on the entire room.

A bathroom lighting fixture is much more than the light that goes above the mirror. There are many delicate things that happen in bathroom, things like shaving and putting on makeup need quality light to be done as well as they can be. A simple plan of where the light shines and how it should look will help you transform your bathroom to extraordinary levels.

When planning your bathroom lighting fixtures, careful attention must be paid to angles and positions of the lights. Think of the mirror like a flash on a camera, and how harsh and direct light can create sharp shadows on the face. This type of lighting is going to make shaving and makeup very difficult. A bathroom vanity light fixture should be above the mirror with bulbs that all the light to shine down. For increased quality of light, fixtures should be on the sides of the mirror as well.

Choosing the correct bulbs is also very important. My family is very energy-conscious and uses compact fluorescent lights all throughout our house, except in the bathroom. CFL bulbs cause the skin to appear very yellow, so we use halogen bulbs that give off a great balance of white light, and last a very long time. Most bathroom light fixtures are a series of lights that require multiple bulbs. This can be a major drain on the power meter, so use the lowest voltage light you can. 60 watt bulbs are usually too dim for single use, but when there are 4-5 of them they can be very effective at lighting a large area.more lighting news at:

Bathroom Light Fixtures Decoration

Master bathrooms should always be equipped with a dimmer for the main lights. This offers the ultimate lighting control and can turn a bathroom from a place to do your “business” to a romantic and relaxing getaway. Dimmers are surprisingly easy to install, and can be done by the average weekend-warrior who understands how to turn off power to the switch, in just a few minutes.visit this link now!

Bathroom lighting is what makes a bathroom feel like its part of the home, and the proper light fixtures are key to making it happen.